Yellow Sapphire ( Pukhraj )

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According to Vedic Astrology the yellow sapphire stone represents the planet Jupiter. It is yellow colored and a most expensive gemstone. It is worn to get blessings of Jupiter. It gives the good health, wisdom, prosperity, financial gain, longevity, and name, honored and fame. If Jupiter is well placed in your horoscope, and giving the good results you can wear yellow sapphire. If you are facing finance problems or having loses in your business you must wear the yellow sapphire , but it is very important to consult an experienced Astrologer before wearing yellow sapphire as if in your horoscope Jupiter is playing a malefic role that can also harm instead of giving you beneficial results. It is also very beneficial for the ladies who have not found any good life partner or they are having many problems in getting married. As Jupiter also blesses with the son so if anybody interested to blessed with a son must wear the yellow sapphire. There are many disease in which the yellow sapphire can be very help full, which I will defiantly discuss in my next coming chapters.

Yellow sapphire stone is an auspicious gemstone due to its fascinating affliction with the benevolent planet Jupiter. Jupiter which signifies wisdom, fortune, luck, prosperity and happiness. It bestows all of the above mentioned benefits to that human being who enthusiastically wear this gemstone.

Yellow sapphire stone is beneficial for everyone. But this stone possesses excellent favors for women especially for unmarried girls. Hence women should wear Pukhraj or yellow gem to avail its fascinating properties in their lives.

It is being written in holy scripts that wearing yellow sapphire gemstone can help a girl to find her dream man. Assigning yellow sapphire eternity ring or yellow sapphire eternity band captures the coercive powers of Jupiter and deviate it in the life of its wearer.

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