White Topaz

Starting at Rs. 40.00 Per Rati

One of the hardest silicate minerals available in crystalline form, Topaz; an Aluminium Silicate can contain upto 19% Fluorine or Water in its composition.
The variety of its colours vary according to the presence of Fluorine or water, which range from golden brown, pink topaz, crystalline white.

Owing to its vibrant luster, brilliantly symmetric crystalline construct, and eye catchingcolours it is one of the most sought after gems over time.

The benefits of Topaz are as follows:
-eliminates cowardice
-calms temperament
-cures madness and plague
-aids sharpening wit
-helps in sleep and eliminating nightmares
-relieves from rheumatism and soreness in the joints
-aids against bleeding and heart disease
-it is believed the stone loses its colour as a result of absorbing the ill vibes in the wearer
-solidifies fidelity and friendship




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